While former Army Air Corps officer (and now reservist) Major Tim Peake isn’t currently serving on a military operation, his mission on the International Space Station (ISS) will still see him away from loved ones and home and living in an austere environment!

CSE are due to visit Tim Peake on the ISS and we're looking for talent to join the team for our most challenging mission yet.

We are searching for comedians, dancers and bands for an all singing all dancing entertainment extravaganza to bring morale to the first British ESA astronaut!

We think we have found one dancer - Hal Stewart of BFBS Radio - and are currently in talks with his agent. We’ve held many dancer showcases over the years in our search for the very best CSE talent but having witnessed Hal in BFBS’ #ForcesStrut video we know no-one can beat his moves and we are confident he is the man for this zero gravity show!

All acts will have to undergo extensive training in order to complete this very important CSE space mission but remember that morale is at stake here!

Forces TV have been granted exclusive rights to broadcast the show live…but if you miss it, the show will be repeated on all mainstream TV channels the following day.

If you are interested in applying and feel you have what it takes to perform in zero gravity please get in touch.


Update: CSE in space…come on now, we can’t really shoot performers into the stratosphere! Apologies to everyone who has contacted us with a desire to perform for Tim Peake on the ISS - it wasn’t a real gig! #AprilFools